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troy and brenda minter from Piedmont,  AL
11:11 pm Sunday, May 24 2015
We have visited Memories many times and we have never been disappointed. We are coming the last week in May and we are just counting the days until we can se the show again.

troy and brenda minter from Piedmont,  AL
10:53 pm Sunday, May 24 2015
We have visited Memories many times and we have never been disappointed. We are coming the last week in May and we are just counting the days until we can se the show again.

loyal employee
ginger millirons from stockbridge,  GA
6:16 pm Thursday, May 21 2015
We have a saying at my office BE HAPPY,BE LOYAL, OR BE GONE Words to live by

Ugly post
Dee Gallon from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:23 am Thursday, May 21 2015
What a shame...the cowardly employee' who sent the ugly post to the site did not identify themselves...sounds like this is where the 'getting rid of' should start...I have an office and 3 phone numbers.....

New Show
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
10:44 pm Friday, May 08 2015
Ok everybody my wait is over for the new show at Memories. I attended the 2nd show last night 5/7/15 and was amazed at the new band. They were great and was right on with Elvis and Friends. Performing last night was Conway Twitty, Cher, Kenney Chesney and the dancers. Elvis (Will Stiles) and his 3 lovely back up singers was an Elvis in concert show. He had complete control over the stage with the band. I enjoyed it so much and I know if you're in the mood for some great music and entertainment this is the place to be.

Response to Waylon request
Ron Cromer from Newberry,  SC
2:04 pm Friday, May 08 2015
The Memories' artist line up and show content are always changing. And in 15 years I have never been disappointed. I am aware that some patrons enjoy specific artist and very often request their return. Dee and the staff have always tried to accommodate these request but I know it's a challenge to schedule a specific performer at any given time slot when other artist are already booked. It is even more difficult when a requested artist resides out of the country. In Bob Gill's (Waylon) case, he resides in Canada and I am sure he has scheduled events booked well in advance. I would assume that the most difficult aspect of the entertainment industry is booking performers for specific dates, obtaining long and short run fill-ins and providing varied entertainment that pleases the audience. The Memories Theatre is the very best at meeting and exceeding this objective. Thanks to Dee Gallon and a wonderful staff. Ron Cromer

Barb and Charles Granger from Tupelo,  MS
2:25 pm Thursday, May 07 2015
We sure miss Waylon that used to be there.WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM BACK.wHEN MIGHT THAT HAPPEN.We have many friends who regularly atten shows there and who are sorry you havent brought him back.WEVE DECIDED UNTILL YOU DO WE WONT RETURN EITHER.

Our 26th year
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
12:26 pm Thursday, May 07 2015
Hi everyone... would like to welcome you to our 'new' show at Memories for our 26th season. You asked to reinstate 'live' music and we have done just that but we didn't expect to have such energy and near perfection as we got on our first show....with the addition of our Memories Show Dancers and our fabulous don't want to miss this show. Bod Office Open daily (Except Sunday) at 9AM for reservations and/or information and shows at 7:45PM on Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat. Our Blast from the Past Matinee is now on Thursday only until further notice 2PM. Come see us where "SUN NEVER SETS ON A LEGEND"....

Thanks for the updates
Ron Cromer from Newberry,  SC
3:31 am Monday, April 20 2015
Thanks for keeping all of us updated through your Guestbook sign in. It is very helpful for me to log on and get the quick updates. Also, I appreciate the "ever changing" Memories Theatre". I have always enjoyed every show I have attended and I can honestly state the performances continue to provide an outstanding show for the audience. I will be in the Pigeon Forge area Tuesday night and I already have my "front row" seat reserved. A big Thanks to all the staff and artist for making Memories Theatre the best entertainment around. Ron Cromer

Show Schedule
Sarah Rose from Russellville,  TN
4:13 pm Sunday, April 19 2015
Can you provide a show schedule for July 18-25? Thank you! Sarah Rose

Our 26th year
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:28 pm Sunday, April 19 2015
Unfortunately, this web site has become very obsolete since our hosts keep changing and they have the complete control on 'changes' and 'updates'. We are in the process of a complete change but in the meantime, we will try to keep you updated on the Guestbook since we can control that. As many of you know, we had shows all last year without live music. It was good but many of you wanted the 'live' music, now you'll have it...beginning May 5..we'll have live music, our talented Memories Show Dancers with Tasha Cordell in control of that and our great Legends artists including some new ones. We have a new Tina Turner.., Bobby Darrin (a new favorite)..Joe Passion is returning May 26 thru June as Jerry Lee...You'll see more Blues Bros, Conway of course, Jason Aldean and a host of others. Our Elvis is Will Stiles, with Matt Cordell alternating while Will is on the road. Our schedule is the same...May will be Tuesday through Saturday...Friday remains "Sevier County" for the Animal Shelter and all VIP tickets are good for any seats and any shows except "Special shows"...Our Box Office is open every day at 9AM except for reservations and information. Toll Free 1-800-325-3078 - Local 865-428-7852. Looking forward to seeing you at Memories where 'THE SUN NEVER SETS ON A LEGEND' Be sure to check out our Facebook page...Memories Theatre "Elvis & Friendsw"...for more news.

2015 show schedule
Judy Williams from Winder,  GA
5:26 pm Saturday, April 11 2015
where can I find your 2015 show schedule - specifically April 17-24 and looking to see if Dennis Murphy will be playing Kenny

karenboles from springcity,  TN
6:51 pm Thursday, April 09 2015
Hey dee im so glad to hear that starting im may the theatre is going to have a band again. i hope that u will contact jay about performing at the theatre and i got an e mail from jay and he said in order for him to be able to perform at memories u will have to contact him. i hope u are able to book him soon. thank u and god bless u for everything u do at the theatre .

Shows week of 3/27-4/3/05
Pam & Bogey from Yulee,  FL
12:40 am Tuesday, April 07 2015
Have been to your show many times and this time the hows were just as great as ever. Thanks so much for making my service dog feel welcome. Great Show, a must see!

Latest Visit To Memories!
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
5:01 am Thursday, April 02 2015
Sat.3/28/15: My visit to Blast From The Past at 2:00 was as usual upbeat. Good show. 7:45 show good as always. I love it when Will Stiles sings "My Way" dedicating it to Elvis.But what will get you is when the video shows Elvis singing My Way as Will is singing so in tuned, it looks like one Elvis. Will has that down pat. An announcement was made about some new events taking place at Memories this year and I'm sure it will continue to be the best on the Parkway.

Latest Memories News
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
4:05 am Sunday, March 15 2015
Oh Boy!! Can't wait - it just gets better. Thanks Dee - June/ Knoxville

Memories 26th Season
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
4:02 pm Saturday, March 14 2015
Happy to announce that Memories will be adding live music to it's already exciting Elvis & Friends show giving our fans not only the best Tribute Artists in the country, the Memories Show Dancers and our new group of musicians making Memories Theatre the most exciting family show in the Smokies. It's been 25 plus years and we thank you for your support. Watch for the announcement coming within the next few weeks, in the meantime, come and enjoy our already exciting "Elvis & Friends" show plus Matt Cordell's Blast from the Past Matinee every Tues, Thurs and Sat at 2PM. Call 865-428-7852 or toll free 1-800-325-3078.

The best show in the smokies
james and grace mikles from welch,  WV
6:56 pm Thursday, March 05 2015
We make several trips every year to the smokies but the highlight of most of them are attending the shows at Memories . My wife and I enjoy making all these memories here that we will cherish for the rest of our lives together . Thanks for being there for us and give a big shout out to Hank Miles and tell him to give a big west Virginia howdy to Eddie !

Great News!!
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
9:56 pm Tuesday, February 24 2015
Hello everyone at Memories: Thanks for the good news about Kenny Chesney (Denny Murphy) coming in April. Haven't seen him so I will be calling the box office. I have been snowed and iced in for 2 weeks in South Knoxville and can't wait to get out. Your message helped. Saw where it is pretty bad in Pigeon Forge today. Be careful and hope to see yall if and when I can climb out of here. Your Friend June Massengille.(ps do you have my new e-mail address?)

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
2:13 pm Tuesday, February 24 2015
Great News!!....our Kenny Chesney (Denny Murphy) is returning to Memories theatre, beginning in April, for several guest appearances this Season....we are excited, Denny is a great act. Call Box Office for dates 1-800-325-3078

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
12:08 pm Tuesday, February 17 2015
Well, the weather is playing 'hell' with our show schedule and it looks like the next show we will have will be Saturday 2/21 but be sure to call the Box Office to confirm before traveling....It's not just what's going on here in Tennessee but our fans from surrounding areas are having a bad time too!.....Spring is on the

New Season
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
12:49 am Monday, February 09 2015
Here we go...ready to begin the 2015 season. Watch for some exciting things coming this year and be sure to 'like' us on Facebook...we're Memories Theatre "Elvis & Friends"

Opening in Feb. 2015
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:14 pm Saturday, January 10 2015
Memories will re-open for regular shows on Valentine day weekend...Friday, Satuerday and Sunday. Box Office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday until then at 10AM for reservations and/or information.(toll free number is 1-800-325-3078. We look forward to seeing you again at Memories and as always, your comments are welcome. We always want to know what you like or don't like - Thank you.

Elvis Birthday Bash
Rhonda Trent from Talbott,  TN
5:51 pm Saturday, January 03 2015
The Elvis Birthday Show was awesome! A great show! The performers and dancers were great. Thank you, Dee, for another great year of Memories! I am looking forward to 2015.

karenboles from springcity,  TN
4:26 pm Saturday, January 03 2015
Hey dee i hope that u can book jay dupuis at the theatre this year.i would love to see him perform in person. god bless

karenboles from springcity,  TN
4:21 pm Saturday, January 03 2015
Hey dee i loved the elvis bash show last nite. I'm so glad that u did a show with all 3 elvis impersinators on stage the very same nite.the guys looked more handsome than ever and i hope u guys will do more shows with the 3 elvis impersonators at least ince a month.god bless u and everyrhing u do at the theatre. karen boles

karenboles from springcity,  TN
1:26 pm Saturday, January 03 2015
Hey dee i was at the ekvis bash show last nite and it was the best show u have seen un a while. thanks so much for having all 3 elvis impersonatirs all there together i hopecu guys have them on stage more often i love seeung them all at the same time. the guys all look nore handsome than ever. thank u and god bless

New Year's Show
Rob from Lexington,  KY
3:56 pm Friday, January 02 2015
My first trip to the Memories show was for New Years. I have been coming to this area for years but never stopped in for a show. This is the most talented cast in town. We already have seats for the Elvis birthday show. We can't wait. The Jason Aldean performance was our favorite.

Garry and karen from Osceola,  AR
2:15 am Monday, December 29 2014
Best show around, my wife and love the smoky mountains and we make sure that we see t least two shows at memories. Michael C. Is the best!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
8:54 pm Friday, December 19 2014
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! To the team at Memories Theatre. It's been a good year and hope for more in 2015..

Show on 9 Dec 14
Ward from Cookeville,  TE
10:38 pm Saturday, December 13 2014
This was my first time to visit Memories. The show was my best experience during my 4 day visit. The tributes to all the stars are amazing. The staff and cast at Memories are very friendly and helpful to all the guests. Honoring the Military and families were so much appreciated. Already booked the New Year's Eve special events. Anyone visiting the area should not miss this wonderful show.

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
2:25 pm Friday, December 12 2014
The new schedule for the balance of the season will be weekends only (Fri/Sat) next week...closed from Dec 20 thru Dec Dec 26 and 27 and then the New Year's Eve show. On Friday, Jan 2 we will have the Elvis Birthday Bash featuring all three of our Elvis Tribute Artists...Matt, Michael and Will. On Jan 3 Travis James (our Conway) will perform his all "Travis" show and you can see all the artists Travis pays tribute exciting way to end the season and prepare for a 'new' year There will be no matinees until next season - Box Office has all the information - call them toll free at 1-800-325-3078 and don't forget to get your VIP tickets .

Blast From The Past
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
6:11 am Friday, December 12 2014
Matt a great entertainer in many genres. From voice to dancing to production as his show "Blast From The Past". He has it all together and having seen his new show, don't miss it. Music from the 50's, 60's and the wonder we all remember "Grease". All very entertaining. See it on Tues and Thurs at a matinee at 2:00,Memories Theatre.

karenboles from springcity,  TN
2:18 pm Tuesday, December 09 2014
Hey dee thabk u so much for honoring my request to do a show once a month with only the three impersonators only. Me and my friends are so excited we can't wait. We have already reserved our seats. thank u and god bless u3grws

Santa Visits Memories
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
2:03 am Monday, December 08 2014
My latest visit to Memories Theatre Sat Dec 6th - The theatre was ready for Christmas with beautiful decorations, music including Matt Cordell singing "Oh Holy Night" absolutely gorgeous. Santa was there watching us all to see who was naughty and who was nice. Will Stiles performing in his usual amazing style of Elvis. Another great night at this theatre. My favorite place to see a great show. June from Knoxville

karenboles from springcity,  TN
10:05 pm Sunday, December 07 2014
Hey dee i just wonted to know what u plan for new years eve at the theatre. thank u and god bless

karenboles from springcity,  TN
4:47 pm Saturday, November 29 2014
Hey dee when u get time go on u tube and check out jay dupuis videos. oh my gosh he is really really good and very handsome. me and my friends would love for him to do a show at memories. thank u and god blessj9xml