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Check Out The Gift Shop
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
8:35 pm Friday, April 18 2014
Browsing the gift shop at Memories I found some outstanding gifts for myself. Will Stiles' cds In The Stile Of Elvis "Walk A Mile..." and "Gospel". Will is great on these and Charlie Hodge's book "Me'N Elvis" is fantastic. Charlie was very close to Elvis for many years. Reading this book gives you so much of Elvis. Things he said and did while together on trips etc. I mean this book makes you feel like you are talking to Elvis and Charlie. It's great. Be sure and buy it before they sell out.

The Show
Memories from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:48 pm Friday, April 18 2014
Thank you so much for all your positive comments on our new show for 2014. We appreciate you. Check out our Face Book "Memories Theatre "Elvis & Friends" for more info and 'like us'

susie mays from bristol,  VA
1:54 am Friday, April 18 2014
The show absolutely made my LIFE !!!! Truly !! The talent of all the performers is amazing . Jason, Reba, hank, Marilyn and Elvis, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be back !! Susie

Will the Real Hank Miles stand up?
King Tut from Lost in Traffic,  CO
5:14 am Tuesday, April 15 2014
Where is Hank and the rest of the band?

My Memories !
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
12:53 am Tuesday, April 15 2014
It's time for my April comment on Memories which I am making lots of for myself. Come on out yall, it's a lot of fun. I love everybody on the new stage. You'll love the music, singing and dancing along with the gorgeous stars. It's a friendly place from the time you buy your ticket till you say "good night". From my heart...June From Knoxville

new show at memories
jamie from springfield,  TN
1:52 pm Saturday, March 29 2014
Wow! I've been coming to pigeon forge for many years. During that time I have attended the show at memories more times than I can count. It seemed to be an automatic part of my vacations to pigeon forge to go to memories. It has always been wonderful, but when I heard that the show was "new" I was skeptical.....change scares me. I was blown away with the show last night. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!! This change was a good one. Can't wait to come again.

the show
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
1:24 am Friday, March 28 2014
We were anticipating "the new show" too..but from the start of the show till the finish it was was our first time to see "Jason Aldean" ..he was even better than the "real one" ..Reba and Hank Williams jr were wonderful as always..the dancers ,the lights, and the music were awesome..we enjoyed Marilyn Monroes part of the show too..then the amazing "Elvis" Michael Chambliss was sensational ..we were absolutely entertained with the very best best show in Pigeon Forge TN. : To Mr Jones if you don't have anything good or nice to say about the show you should keep your opinions to yourself :..the changes were made because a nice beautiful Lady.. Miss Dee Gallon can keep her theatre open and provide the quality entertainment she has always provided in her beautiful theatre for everyone to certainly wasn't anything like a karaoke bar..thank you to all the employees for always being so nice Laine Laine

BEVERLY CRONIC from Talking Rock,  GA
8:05 pm Sunday, March 23 2014
This is my first trip to the Pigeon Forge area and I hope it will not be the last. I was skeptical at first about the show not that I am a judge of entertainment. But I was truly amazed by the show. I have never saw the "REAL" shows of the entertainers. But I feel like I have now. Everyone did an outstanding job. From Jason everyone in the middle to the final act of ELVIS was awesome. Keep up the GREAT work.

Review of the new Show at Memories Theatre
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
5:05 am Sunday, March 23 2014
I wish I had the words to tell everyone just how wonderful the show at Memories Theatre was tonight..Matt Cordell took the stage absolutely by storm...You could almost feel the warm wind blowing as he sang." She's Country," and the dancers were very much into the performance too. Then Wendy -T took charge of the stage and poured out several of Reba's songs. and especially got everyone's attention with Reba's version of "Fancy" Travis James as Hank Jr. rocked with the songs that Hank Jr. made famous .. "all My Rowdy friends" brought the first surprise of the night. Reba and Jason Aldean joined with Travis James and the dancers to close out the first half of the show..The second Half was ushered in By the beautiful Samantha Chambliss as Marilyn Monroe, she sang and told jokes and picked with the audience, and then "ELVIS"" Michael Chambliss came out and sang some of Elvis most well known songs. gave out scarves and just as he finished singing the last song..or we thought..Surprise number 2. the Entire Cast, came out and sang Viva Las Vegas...and the crowd roared with approval..I cannot remember when , if ever , I saw a better show at Memories Theatre and I have been going for 18 years... You must come and see this show for your self ..

Change is not always good
Ben Jones from McKenney,  VA
7:21 pm Saturday, March 22 2014
We sure did miss Hank Miles and the Memories show band. Unfortunately, without the live band, we could not stop thinking that we were at a karaoke bar. We are sure that we are not alone about this feeling.

Re-Opening at Memories
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
1:53 am Wednesday, March 12 2014
Memories Theatre will re-open after some mush needed remodeling and updates to the shows..on March 21st.. The Theatre has a new stage, New moveable lights, and more glitz.we have added 4 dancers . 2 female and 2 male all are very good dancers.and should add some excitement to the shows. The track music is in place and sounds good. On March 21st the show will open 1st half with, Jason Aldean, Reba, and Hank Jr. and the second half , Marilyn Monroe will open the Elvis Part of the show.. Michael Chambliss will appear as Elvis... These changes should provide some great entertainment for everyone..

Only You !
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
6:07 am Tuesday, March 11 2014
Through you I find my love for Elvis, his voice, his moves, his comments, his smile. A true blessing to those of us who loved him so much. But I see a special Will too. Love, J.Bug Memories....

Feb 22 Show
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
5:30 am Monday, February 24 2014
Great show last night. Matt was spectacular as Jason Aldean, good choice for a new act. Of course Will just gets better. I loved his new gospel song Help Me, one of Elvis' best. All acts and of course the band was as usual, great. This is great entertainment and keeps me and the audience on our toes.

the show lastnight
Amanda James from Rose Hill,  VA
8:04 pm Saturday, February 22 2014
the show lastnight was outstanding my family and I hadn't been there in a long while and last time was the first time we had been there in a long time and we was very pleased Travis James as Conway out done himself lastnight and Matt Cordell as Jason Aldean was awesome that was the first time I had seen him as Jason Aldean I had only seen his elvis act and he does a great elvis but his Jason Aldean is out of this world and last but not forgotten Will Stiles as Elvis was the highlight of our night my 2 year old daughter after the show kept saying Elvis sing again please Keep Matt Cordell as Jason Aldean and Will Stiles as Elvis we love you Will,Your the best Elvis in our option. Cant wait to see more of the new acts to come xoxoxo

Changes on the web site
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:09 pm Tuesday, February 18 2014
Our Web Site is in serious need of up dating but unfortunately, we aren't the host so we can't make the changes as they need to be done. They have to be ordered and that has been done. Please bear with us - we should have an update very shortly. Thanks

cant wait
bill&julie wright from england,  
7:23 pm Wednesday, February 12 2014
love the shows cant wait to get back over to PF to see them again ,good shows

New Face Book page
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
10:07 pm Friday, February 07 2014
"Like us" on Facebook...Memories Theatre "Elvis & Friends"....Thank you.

Tonite's opening show
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:45 am Friday, February 07 2014
It would appear the weather has taken it's toll on our Feb 7th opening with a little snow causing cancelations from around the area. The weather, although okay in Pigeon Forge (cold but no snow), our friends from the nearby surrounding areas may have trouble traveling so be sure to call our Box Office before traveling to make sure the show is on. Don't worry, your tickets will be good for another show if necessary. Thank you and we can't apologize for the weather since we have no control over free phone 1-800-325-3078. Our fund raiser for the animals will be moved to another show date. We'll keep you posted.

New Season
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:31 pm Monday, January 27 2014
Memories is ready to open it's 26th season on Feb 7 and will continue weekends throughout Feb and March. Opening acts will be Dolly, Kenny Rogers and the Blues Bros. Will Stiles will be our Elvis for Feb and Michael Chambliss will return in March. We have some new acts this year and we're excited about them. On Feb 14, we introduce our Jason Aldean (although not a Legend as yet, destined to become one) March our tribute to Tanya Tucker and in April, Brooks and Dunn. Of course, many of your favorites such as Conway, Kenny Chesney, Outlaws,Hank, Jr., Cher, & Reba will be returning. This is the last week for VIP tickets and for those of you on our E-mail list, you have a Newsletter that allows you to purchase discounted tickets throughout January...if you are not on our E-mail list, go to our website, and join. Thank you, God Bless and we look forward to seeing you at Memories in 2014. Call toll free 1-800-325-3078 for reservations/and or information.

1956 Young Elvis Please
paula carrell from Alexander City,  AL
11:15 am Wednesday, January 08 2014
I will be at, Memories Theatre, in just a few short weeks. My husband and I wish that y'all would get a young, 1956 style Elvis, doing Elvis' moves, '56 music, etc. There are too many '70's Elvis'. We want '56 Elvis eta's. Please, get one.

Dorothy from ,  MO
12:57 am Wednesday, January 08 2014
Thank you, Dee, for thinking of man's best friends. Our mostly out-door Newfoundland isn't very happy inside, but we know it is best for him!

Animals being left out
Dee Gallon from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:41 pm Tuesday, January 07 2014
Reports of animals dying due to the freezing weather after being left outside, are keeping me in tears...please, please bring your animals in or provide for them if they must stay outside. Thank you.

Re-open Feb 7
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
10:03 pm Friday, January 03 2014
Memories Theatre will re-open it's 2014 season on Feb 7 and the show will be a fund raiser for the Sevier County Animal Shelter who desperately need a new building for the many animals they care for. If you are visiting in our area or live here, please come to the show - 7:45 - and help us with this worthy cause. Thank you. 1-800-325-3078 or 865-428-7852

New Year's Eve Show
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
12:09 am Thursday, January 02 2014
Great show and fun time as usual at Memories for 25 years. It just gets better. The performers were really good and I loved the "Grease" songs and dances. Memories Band is wonderful. Will, Matt and Michael are so good at keeping our love for Elvis in our hearts. Thanks to all who put this show together. Happy New Year!

New Years Eve
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
3:41 pm Wednesday, January 01 2014
A sensational New Years Eve show..A wonderful way to end 2013 and to start 2014..all the stars,the band and all performers were great! Thanks to Dee and all the staff for a memorable night.. Wishes for a Happy New Year to everyone filled with lots of blessings...Laine & Bobby

Vickie middlebrooks from Flintstone,  GA
1:34 am Wednesday, January 01 2014
Happy new year memories !,, looking forward to a great year, be there soon!

New Year's
Rhonda Trent from Talbott,  TN
3:50 pm Tuesday, December 31 2013
Dee, Wishing you and all the staff, entertainers, and everyone at Memories a very Blessed, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! I will not get to come to the show tonight due to being sick...but my thoughts and prayers are there. I know I will be missing a great show! I am looking forward to the shows in 2014! Happy New Year!

New Year
Honey McCarthy from Naples,  FL
1:02 pm Tuesday, December 31 2013
Happy New Year Memories Family. Wishing you to be safe, healthy and happy. Honey and Genie, The Girls from Naples, FL.

Raymond Hill from Atlanta,  GA
8:08 pm Friday, December 27 2013
I was wondering if it would be possible for my granddaughter to record a song with your Elvis? She's a huge Elvis fan and loves the version of Lisa Marie singing Don't Cry Daddy with him and I thought for her birthday I would see if I could set that up with you? Do you offer that kind of thing? If so it would mean the world to her to be able to record with him. We saw your show back in August and had a complete blast. All your entertainers were great but the guy that did Elvis don't know his name, I thought he said he was from Memphis, was spot on. It was like watching the real thing. I know my granddaughter would love to record just one song with him. Thank you for your time! Raymond Hill

Elvis is IN the building
Ashley from Charlotte,  NC
6:19 pm Thursday, December 26 2013
I just heard on Elvis radio that Will Stiles is back in Pigeon Forge performing as Elvis at Memories and I'm so excited! Whenever Will is in the building so is Elvis!! We'll be coming to see you this week Will!! We love you!

Merry Christmas
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:07 pm Wednesday, December 25 2013
It's Christmas Day and after being 'dark for the past 10 days...we are anxious to get back to work tomorrow. Shows this week are Thursday, Fri and Saturday and then our big New Year's Eve Party beginning at 9PM...It's been a 'colorful' year to say the least but we are now geared up for another fun year at Memories with lots of surprises in the show..Have a Blessed Christmas and a healthy and happy 2014. Memories Crew & Staff

Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
7:03 am Wednesday, December 25 2013
Wishes for Dee and all of the Memories family the best ever Merry Christmas and Happy New Years with lots of blessings.. Laine & Bobby

Matt Cordell
Dalton sexton from Winchester,  KY
4:27 pm Thursday, December 19 2013
Can u guys please tell me what is Matt Cordell date in feb or March me and my mom is wanting to come down to see Matt Cordell as Elvis

Charlie Hodge
Cathy Johnson from ,  AL
5:50 am Thursday, December 19 2013
Remembering the famous Charlie Hodge who had a birthday on Dec. 15. Sure miss him and all his talent. Sorry I can not send him a birthday card where he is at now. Rest In Peace Charlie!!...sing one with Elvis for me. You gave all of us a lot of happy memories at Memories Theater. The show must go on with out you and to all who have not been to Memories. It is the best show in Pigeon Forge and everyone is so nice you will feel welcome. Christmas in Dixie is best when done by Hank Miles and the Memories Band....Do Not Miss it!! See you there. Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas
Honey McCarthy from Naples,  FL
8:06 pm Wednesday, December 18 2013
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Memories Family. Many Blessings to All. Honey and Genie, The Girls from Naples, FL.

Saturdat Night Show & Holidays
Rhonda Trent from Talbott,  TN
3:23 am Monday, December 16 2013
Dee, the show last night was fabulous as usual! My sisters and I had a great time! Thank you again, for all that you do. I want to wish you, the staff, and the entertainers a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas and Holiday Season. I am looking forward to the shows after Christmas and the New Year in 2014!

reviewof show Dec 14th
anita Ray from walland,  TN
6:32 am Sunday, December 15 2013
Review of show for Sat. Dec 14th at Memories Theatre The show got off to a great start with Matt Cordell as MC of the show. he brought to the stage the Charm and Wit of Elvis. His interaction with the audience was remarkable. then Conway, ( Travis James ) came on stage and sang and joked with the audience and finally He sang "If I Never Get To Heaven" and got a standing ovation. Next was Wendy T.9 Reba ) who sang some of Reba's best known songs and joked with the crowd, and she sang a Christmas song and was joined by Santa, then she was joined by Christine Lyttle and together they sang " Does He Love You " and the audience was on the edge of their seats, this is a beautiful song and sang by two of the best singers in the Smokey Mountains. next came Denny Murphy / Kenny Chesney He rocked the Theatre with some fast paced songs including " She Thinks My Tractors Sexy? and pulled on the hearts strings , when he sang "Thank God For Kids" with a little girl from the audience .. and Finally "The King Of Rock and Roll " tribute by Matt Cordell. Matt came out wearing the Black Leather suit that Elvis, wore in the 68 "Come Back Special" He sang some of the hits from the special and then sang " Johnny Be Good" he then rushed back stage , while Hank and the band played the rest of the song and changed into the White suit that Elvis wore in the Aloha Special , seen around the world and sang one of my Favorite songs " Bridge Over Trouble Water" He gave out scarves and joked with one lady that said she wanted a scarf and a kiss, so he gave her a scarf and a kiss and she said No I want a kiss from Mickey , so Mickey came to the edge of the stage and Kissed her and the audience cheered...Matt then Thanked the staff and Dee Gallon the owner and asked that everyone in the armed forces past and present to stand , and thanked them for their service to our country and dedicated the last song to them. It was the last show before Christmas and they all wished everyone a Merry Christmas.. A special Merry Christmas to all the people that have attended all the shows through out this season of 2013 and remember the 26th, 27th, and 28th shows and The Big New Years Eve Show on Dec 31..

Merry Christmas
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
12:10 pm Saturday, December 14 2013
Tonite will be our last show until after Christmas and we want to wish each of you a Healthy & Happy Holiday season. We will reopen on Dec 26th and have shows 26,27 and 28 and then our big New Year's Eve show which wil include all 3 of our amazing Elvis tribute Artists plus many of our Legends artists - even some surprises and a preview into 2014. Thank you for your 24+ years of support at Memories and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Our schedule for 2014 is not yet complete but we will reopen Feb weekends as usual, however, we may be adding some shows next year including some Matinees...God Bless you and your families. The cast and crew at Memories...where the Legends come to life.

the show
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
8:07 am Saturday, December 07 2013
We were at the beautiful Memories tonight Friday Dec. 6. to see another show..We travel almost 550 miles round trip almost every other week just to visit Memories..we have never been disappointed with any of the shows we have seen there..tonights show was great..Conway,Kenny, and the Blues Brothers were all wonderful.. the Memories band with band leader Hank Miles is the best band in the state of Tennessee..the beautiful 3 inspirations was was great to hear Hank Miles sing tonight ..he has so much talent ..we always like to hear Hank and the 3 Inspirations singing solos and singing back-up with all the stars who perform there..they add so much to the shows..the handsome Michael Chambliss was the "Elvis" tonight..he is an awesome entertainer..we always try to come see him when he is at Memories..Michael is always so nice and kind to my husband who has "dimenta"..all the stars have also been very nice to him but Michael is special because of the memories of the greatest entertainer "Elvis" who was my husbands favorite..all the Christmas songs was an added pleasure to the show tonight..thank you to the beautiful ladies who work selling tickets ..they both are great..all the employees at Memories are the nicest people who work to help everyone have a pleasant night at memories..thank you to the beautiful lady Dee for opening Memories theatre and for having a quality family show where we have been able to bring our children starting 25 years ago and now bringing our grandchildren ..they all love this show ..we can hardly wait until tomorrow night to see another fantastic show at the beautiful Memories theatre.. Laine and Bobby

Stephen Shields from Forest Park,  GA
5:36 am Thursday, December 05 2013
I am looking forward to seeing this show. My sister and several other people have seen it and said it is a great show. I watched some of the videos and cannot wait to get there to see it.

Final shows for 2013
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
9:45 pm Saturday, November 30 2013
We want to announce the final shows at Memories for 2013...Next week, we will have shows on Dec3, 5, 6, 7...(Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat(. The following week, we have shows Dec 13 and 14th only (Fri and Sat). We will close for the Christmas Holiday and reopen Thursday, Dec 26..have shows Thurs, Fri and Sat and our final show is Tuesday Dec 31st..our New Year's Eve Bash. Make your reservations now - call Toll Free 1-800-325-3078 and be sure to use your VIP tickets since they will expire on Dec 30. Thanks for your support this season and look for some exciting changes in 2014.

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:55 am Thursday, November 28 2013
We, at Memories Theatre, want to wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. We know it will not be happy for everyone but we will pray for those who need it at this time. Remember, we have a show at Memories tonite so if after all is done today and you're in the area, come see us.

great show
paul & debbie van meter from hammond,  IN
12:45 am Monday, November 25 2013

Revies of show for Nov 23
anita Ray from walland,  TN
1:04 pm Sunday, November 24 2013
Review of Show for Memories Theatre Sat. Nov.23rd... Michael Chambliss came on the stage to find a very happy group sitting right at the end of the stage. He welcomed Prospect NC. to Memories Theatre and did the announcements... Then Travis James / Conway , came out and the crowd cheered and his wonderful songs seem to come so natural.. Then the Judds, came on stage to screams of approval , they joked and sang and had the most delightful Grand-Pa on stage ( Carl) and when they sang "Love Can Build A Bridge" and it was awesome.. The Blues Brothers came out to cheers and the crowd roared with approval. After the Break William Stiles came on stage and the audience screamed and for a few moments ,William Stiles ,brought the memories Of "The One And Only . King Of Rock And Roll," ELVIS PRESLEY and his music to us. Then the candles came on and it was beautiful , reminded me of a candle light Vigil

Another Great Show
Ron Cromer from Newberry,  SC
2:42 am Sunday, November 24 2013
I just wanted to thank all the performers and staff for another outstanding show Thursday night Nov. 21. The Judds, Conway, The Blues Brothers and Elvis had the whole place rocking. I do look forward to seeing Wendy-T back on stage. It amazes me how Memories just continues to line up great acts. Its still the BEST entertainment around. I also want to add that the ladies up front and the gentlemen on staff add so much because they make us all feel like we are part of the family. Thanks to all of you. Ron Cromer

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:46 pm Thursday, November 21 2013
I want to thank the "Pigeon Forge Locals" for their comment which I will not allow to appear on this site and I certainly wish they would have provided a legitimate E-mail address so that we could respond, howedver, everyone is entitled to an opinion but you need to know that the rotation of ETA's at Memories has been very successful and the opinion posted is apparently shared only by a 'select' few..... We do and always will appreciate your support but we will not...join you in these hurtful games - Everyone at Memories works very hard to please but the choice of whether you agree or not. or come to the always yours.

larry foster from columbia,  KY
4:29 am Monday, November 18 2013
me and my wife love your show we was there nov 16 2013 and i was "grandpa"with the JUDDS great family show

lLou veto
barbara Mayo from Bristol,  TN
1:36 am Tuesday, November 12 2013
When will Lou be at Memories again. Who will be there Dec 7. Thanks Babs

The Show
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
8:26 pm Sunday, November 10 2013
We traveled almost 500 miles round trip to Pigeon Forge Friday November 8th just to see the show at the beautiful Memories theatre. It was another wonderful night. The handsome talented Matt Cordell was the MC.Its always a pleasure to see him when he is on the stage..The beautiful talented Inspirations came on stage first to sing. Their songs were wonderful..Next was Willie Nelson.He is a wonderful performer..His talents with his songs and playing the guitar is awesome to hear.Cher was next..She is always fantastic too.Next was the great talented Hank Williams Jr...we could see the audience was enjoying the show as much as we were..after the intermission the handsome Michael Chambliss came on stage as ELVIS ..from the time he walked out and started singing his first song till the last song he sang, he had everyone in awe with his talents and performance and the way he makes everyone so at ease with him ..the clapping and standing ovations he always gets brings back so many memories and tears..Michael is sensational..Hank and the best band in Pigeon Forge was awesome to hear too..its always wonderful to hear the band and to hear Hank and the Inspiration sing backup wih all the stars..Thank you to the beautiful ladies who sells the tickets for the show..Thank you to the beautiful Dee who provides this theatre where we can enjoy so many nights and so many different talented stars preforming..thank you Dee for all the memories..We are making plans to travel back to Pigeon forge next week just to see another show at Memories..its always worth the almost 500 miles round trip.. Laine & Bobby

Revies of show for Oct 29th
anita Ray from walland,  TN
1:29 pm Wednesday, October 30 2013
Review of Show at Memories Theatre for Tuesday Oct. 29th , Michael Chambliss ( The winner of the Elvis Fest Contest in Pocono ) Mc'd the show and set the mood for fun. 1st un the stage was the Wonderful Wendy T and Dolly Parton's music came alive from "Nine to Five" till the signature song "I Will Always Love You " then Mark Hines took the stage with Kenny Rogers great songs like "The Gambler " and my " Favorite " Buy Me A Rose" Wendy joined him to sing The all time best Duet "Islands In The Stream" Then Denny Murphy took the stage and brought the songs of Kenny Chesney alive and had the crowd roaring with excitement, and then quiet as a mouse while he sang "Come Over" The second half of the show brought the "King Of Rock and Roll " Elvis, Tribute Artist William Stiles, to the stage , his performance as Elvis is Simply Amazing, The Look, The Walk and the Voice brings The wonder of Elvis alive...

Matt Cordell was great as Elvis
Marti Roberts from Annville,  KY
5:48 am Monday, October 28 2013
My husband brought me to Pigeon Forge to cheer me up after the passing of my Mother. He knows that Pigeon Forge has always been my Happy Place. He took me to Memories Theatre for the first time and it was awesome. All of the performers were wonderful but, Matt Cordell was just awesome as Elvis. It's as if he was singing only to me to mend my broken heart. I will always treasure Memories theatre and Matt for making me smile in a time when all I wanted to do was cry. Loved him singing Cold Kentucky Rain.

Great Talent! Loved the show
Brenda & Crystal from ,  AR
3:39 am Sunday, October 27 2013
Great show! Everyone including the band were awesome! Amazing vocals. Conway -- I was looking forward to riding your bus when I retire, but after watching all of the retired ladies carry on over Elvis I am not sure I could keep up with them! :-)

loved it
alexis mckee from ooltewah,  TN
2:16 am Friday, October 25 2013
loved it !! really enjoyed great for all ages cant wait to come back :)

Memories Staff
Melissa Hall from Knoxville,  TN
1:22 pm Thursday, October 24 2013
Just wanted to put a lil "thank you" to Robin at the box office. She was very polite and helpful to me this week. I look forward to seeing Matt Cordell this weekend! And as always, Conway!

the outlaws
Allen Dale from Seattle,  WA
3:44 pm Tuesday, October 22 2013
So sorry we missed the outlaws this October.We usually count on them being there in October as has been the month in the past few years when we visit your fair city.However we'll watch for their return.The shows we saw were great but for us they are the best--Waylon rules-Thanks

Waylon and Willie
Aimee and Walter from Oklahoma City,  OK
3:39 pm Tuesday, October 22 2013
Hi everyone-Though we enjoy always your shows and cast at the theatre, we were extremely disappointed that we missed our favorite act Waylon and Willie-the outlaws.They do such a great variety show of their own.We will be vigilant to your site for their future appearances as we try to catch them everytime they are at your theatre.We are only part of a group of 16 who camp in the area so Im sure we speak for everyone in the group.Keep em coming and congratulations to you for always beating the odds.