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karenboles from springcity,  TN
7:10 pm Saturday, November 22 2014
Thanks so much for considering my request to do a show with the three elviis impersonators only. thank u so much and god bless u

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
2:50 pm Saturday, November 22 2014
For those of you who got the new Newsletter, we are sorry for the misprint on the expiration date for buying 'special VIP" tickets...the date should obviously be March 1, 2015 not 2014. We apologize. The other point I would like to make is that we are still receiving posts with incorrect E-mails on them. This is not 'constructive' and many times comments are made with no idea 'why' something was done and who's decision it was. We want your comments but would like to give you the benefit of the reasoning...Of course, is always available for personal contact. Thank you and have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Memories Theatre.

karenboles from 195cedarlane,  TN
3:35 pm Wednesday, November 19 2014
I loved the shows but i was wonting to know if u guys would do one show a month with just the 3 elvis impersonators only

Two Great Shows
Ron Cromer from Newberry,  SC
2:39 pm Monday, November 17 2014
I attended both shows on Thursday and the performances were outstanding. This was my first Blast From The Past show and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It really brought those 50's, 60's and 70's memories back. The "Blast" is a really entertaining show and all the performers were marvelous. I also attended the evening performance. The entire show was Over The Top. I could not have had a more entertaining and relaxing day. Thanks to all the performers, technical staff, security and the ladies and gentlemen up front that make Memories Theatre the best entertainment in the Smokies. And Dee, thanks for your dedication to the entertainment industry and your insight to continually improve the show. Ron Cromer

Great Show
Russ Hamilton from Meridianville,  AL
11:44 pm Sunday, November 16 2014
I have been to Memories Theatre many times. Every time I've been there I have really had a great time. The singers are fantastic!!! I met my girl friend there and this November 22, 2014 I'm going to ask her to marry me there!! This is truly a great family show. Russ Hamilton

best show
brian k compton from seneca,  SC
2:52 am Thursday, November 13 2014
to whom it concerns i went to the elvis and friends show had a great time the show was great i recomend it to anyone even my friends the 1 does elvis is great also travis james doing hank jr and conway god bless you all take care happy new year brian compton seneca sc

Memories Show
Mike and Diane Spencer from Avondale,  LA
7:38 pm Monday, November 10 2014
My husband and I have just returned from our vacation in the Pigeon Forge area and on Friday, 11/07/14, we attended the show at Memories. We had so much fun during this show and would definitely go again whenever we make it back up there. The entertainers were fabulous and lots of fun. We were not able to get a copy of the DVD for this particular show and would love to get it. Could you please let me know how I can go about obtaining the DVD of this show. Thank you again for a fabulous time during our visit. Diane Spencer

our visit 10/7/14- 10/9/14
Pamela McClellan &Bogey from Yulee,  FL
7:28 am Wednesday, November 05 2014
We really enjoyed both shows. Really liked the new matinee show. I wanted to thank everyone for making my service dog,Bogey, feel so at ease. He sure made a lot of new friends. Looking forward to our visit in April 2015. Thank each and everyone of you for putting on such good shows.

Great Show!
Donna Jacobs from Marble Hill,  GA
2:07 pm Thursday, October 30 2014
Oct. 28th my first show...definately not my last! Enjoyed all! Conway, Blues Brothers, Marilyn and especially Elvis and Jason...Michael and Matt did an awesome job! Thanks for a great evening!

The Show
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
2:16 am Thursday, October 30 2014
Dee Memories Theatre is our favorite place to go see a great show. We have always traveled to Pigeon Forge to see the show and come back home the same day.It takes almost 5 hours to get there and 5 hours to come back home.We have never been disappointed with the show.We always bring family or friends with us. When will the tickets be on sale again at a special discount price? Thanks, Laine & Bobby

Rest of the Season
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:30 am Wednesday, October 29 2014
I know it's been a while since you've heard from us but I wanted you to know we are undergoing some changes..nothing serious just trying to keep up with what's going on in the Forge. We are still 'alive and well' and will re-start our Newsletters in the early Spring. In the meantime, we have added a new Matinee for Tuesdays and Thursdays...2PM. It stars Matt Corell and the Memories Show Dancers and is called "Blast from the Past". Fifties, Sixties, and songs from for all and only $15.00 See both shows and get q discount. Box Office has details. and is open daily at 9AM.except Sun. November and December schedule is Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat..7:45 for the Elvis & Friends show and we are bringing back for his Dean Martin Tribute, favorite, Lou Vuto. We will have a show on Thankgiving evening (no Matinee that day) and then begin our Christmas shows on the following Friday. We will close for 5 days at Christmas time and reopen Dec 26. New Year's Eve will end the year and then the Elvis Birthday Bash on January 2. Thanks for hanging in with us...we started our 26th year this month and you all made it happen.

Great show on Oct 22 2014
A, J, Discus from Severna Park,  MD
3:38 am Thursday, October 23 2014
Was our 50 wedding anniversary that night at the show. I was the one that was in military for 30 years and shook Elvis hand. Thank you all for saying kind words for the vets. Back in 60\\\'s five of us sign up for the military to serve our county and one never made it back home. So God bless and keep up the great shows.

Memories theatre's Block Party
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
1:13 pm Monday, October 20 2014
The Block Party at The Island was so much fun. Travis James did the music of Conway, Neil Diamond,John Anderson , and Matt Cordell did the country hits of Jason Aldean, Michael Chambliss and Will Stiles did the Music we all love as Tributes to The King of Rock and Roll , Elvis Presley , they really rocked the crowd. The Memories Theatre show dancers , not only danced but sang songs from the 60"s and 70's and danced with some of the kids from the crowd. We all had a Blast...if you missed it , you can see the show at Memories Theatre , Blast from the past on Tuesday and Thursday's at 2:00 and the Legends show at 7:45 call the Theatre for dates and to make reservations.1-800-325-3078 ..

Ron Cromer from Newberry,  SC
3:07 pm Tuesday, October 14 2014
My family and I attended the performance Wednesday night Oct. 8. It was another wonderful show. We enjoyed the Las Vegas flair of the dancers and backup vocals. All the tribute artist were over the top with their spot on looks and amazing voices. Stephen Lee is Jackie Wilson relived. We certainly appreciate the hard work and dedication that it takes to continually please the audience. And most importantly a sincere thanks to the nice ladies up front that make each of us feel like family each time we enter the building. Ron Cromer

A Great Show!!!
Jesse Shane from Belspring,  VA
9:34 pm Monday, October 13 2014
I am coming back again because it was a GREAT show thanks keep up the GREAT work

Ed & Jean Henry from Alexander City,  AL
4:13 am Sunday, October 12 2014
What an awesome show tonite. It has been 40 years since I have been to Pigeon Forge and I was kind of bummed because it is so touristy now but tonites show changed my whole outlook on the trip. Thanks for being so great!

Tara Sams from Asheville,  NC
2:47 am Sunday, October 12 2014
Came Saturday October 11th, and oh my gosh. I am now in love with Will Stiles instead of the real deal Elvis. He was amazing. I would def reccomend this to anyone!! I just wanna know if he's married?!? 😜😜😜

More Fun At The Matinee
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
6:44 pm Friday, October 10 2014
Ok Everybody!!The next day 10/9, I went to the matinee, a new excitement at Dee's Memories Theatre. Matt Cordell's "Blast From The Past". 50's and 60's music and music from the all popular show "Grease". These young performers were right on target for us who grew up on this music. We loved it. So don't miss this new show on Tues and Thurs 2:00.

More Fun At Memories
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
6:22 pm Friday, October 10 2014
Hey All! Just saw 2 shows at Memories. Let me tell you again, that stage is full of talent. If you are in the Pigeon Forge area don't miss it. Wed night 10/8 was exceptional with 2 Elvis Tribute Artist. Matt Cordell and his dancers and singers coming on strong with Elvis' movies and Will Stiles in concert. He sang "My Way" while TV's showed Elvis singing right in step with Will. It was amazing. I love the multi talented Travis James as Conway Twitty, Steven Lee as Jackie Wilson,Michael and Samantha Chambliss,can do anything.Oh yeh, those crazy Blues Brothers. Stop in at 7:45 for a lot of fun....

New Matinee
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:25 pm Saturday, October 04 2014
Today is 25 years since we opened the doors at Memories - Thank you all for making that 'record' possible. Beginning Tuesday, Oct 7th, we will start a new Matinee - 2PM - Tuesday and Thursdays ticket price $15.00. We are calling it "Blast from the Paast and stars Matt Cordell and the Memories Show Dancers. This entertaining show will include 50's and 60's music and a production of the popular show "Grease" - Come see us..see both shows on the same day and save. Call Box Office for details. 1-800-325-3078 or 865-428-7852

Memories Fix
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
8:56 pm Sunday, September 21 2014
Dee: Enjoyed the show last Friday night 9/19. Living over here in Knoxville I travel to Memories for a fix to boast me up, which it always does. When Will sings Larry Gatlin's "Help Me" my heart beats fast and tears fill my eyes. Will has a new cd in the gift shop. It is really good. Thanks for a place for me to set back and enjoy myself. Sincerely, June

Show on 9/18/14
Trena Gibson from Elizabethton,  TN
1:25 am Sunday, September 21 2014
This is our first time to see the new show that does not have a band or back up singers. I really missed this. The band and back up singers were really a good part of the show. The dancers looked like they could not keep up with the words that they were lip sinking. The show was good as usual except for not having the band and back up singers. Thank you! Hope you will advertise the "Grease" show that is coming in October. Thank you, Trena

Highly, highly recommend!
Terrill and Cindy Hunt from Greenville,  KY
11:34 pm Thursday, September 18 2014
We both thought this show was great! Put this at the top of your list of shows to see. You will be so glad you did!!!

Memories theatre's Block Party
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
12:51 pm Wednesday, September 10 2014
Memories Theatre and they took the stage with some really good Music and some picking and fooling around with the crowd. It was a fun night for all that attended Thank You to Matt Cordell, Michael Chambliss , Travis James, for all the songs and entertainment . To see a clip of the show....

Mike Elsner from piqua,  OH
3:39 am Monday, September 08 2014
I was impressed with the show. I have been there several times in the past when they had a live band on stage and I thought they were great but I was disappointed to hear they no longer had a band. After watching the new show I will go back and would recommend to anyone who likes good family entertainment. Thanks Memories for a great evening !

26 years
Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
11:07 am Friday, September 05 2014
As Memories approaches another year..making it number 26 on October 4th, we want to thank all the friends and fans who have made it all possible. There have been some changes...mostly due to the economy, the addition of much more to do in the Forge and of course, 2 location moves in the past 5 years (both of which required major renovations) but we love what we do and will keep on 'keeping on'... Be sure to join our E-mail club...lots of surpises coming, making your visit to Memories more affordable but we will always provide the same quality show with constantly changing acts. Call our Box Office, toll free 1-800-325-3078 or if you live here, share Friday nite Sevier County nites with us and help our favorite charity...The Sevier County Humane Society. God Bless....

Memories Theatre and the wonderful Entertainers
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
12:22 am Tuesday, September 02 2014
I went to Memories Theatre on Sat night and the excitement in that theatre just keep growing stronger . The Entertainment there is unmatched by any other place in the Smokey Mountains. First Steven Lee as Jackie Wilson set the stage for the audience to join the fun. and then the most requested singer of 2013 and 2014 Jason Aldean (Matt Cordell ) the screams rocked the house. and finally Travis James appeared in an awesome glitter of light and sound as NEIL DIAMOND. the crowd went wild they clapped and rocked and sang along with him the songs we all love. Half time ushered in The Beautiful Samantha Chambliss as Marilyn Monroe. You have to see her for your self she is totally awesome and her funny antics will have you laughing . and then Elvis. To all who do not know Michael Chambliss is the 2014 winner in Memphis of the "IMAGES OF THE KING" Congrats to Michael Chambliss and to Dee Gallon for the insight to see his talent and bring him to Memories Theatre...

Angela from Kentucky,  
2:44 am Monday, August 18 2014
We came to the show Friday Aug. 15, 2014. Great show, all the entertainers was awesome. Jackie Wilson was FABULOUS! Jason Aldean GREAT!!! We really enjoyed.

Ann from Petersburg,  VA
6:05 pm Sunday, August 10 2014
So glad to hear you are back in the same building!!!!! Have a great season!!!

Cheryl Andrews from Toccoa,  GA
12:43 am Sunday, August 10 2014
We attended the show this past Friday night and really hada great time....thanks so much...we will return soon

Roger/Cheryl Andrews from Toccoa,  GA
2:59 am Saturday, August 09 2014
We enjoyed the show and will be returning

Memories Still Kickin It Up!!!
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
12:01 am Saturday, August 09 2014
Attended last night's show, Aug 7th. First time to see Steven Lee jiving it up like Jackie Wilson. He can really bring it to the stage. I knew he would. Conway Twitty (Travis),Jason Aldean (Matt), and Elvis (Michael Chambliss)oh my gosh, what more can I say? Except Samantha as Marilyn,so cute and the rest of the performers just get better. You've got a great show Dee. Be back soon. June.

our visit to Memories
James Greer from Paris,  TN
11:10 pm Wednesday, August 06 2014
We went to your show on Tuesday July 29th and we loved every minute we were there. Great entertainment and the entertainers did a great job especially Elvis. Thank you so much for A night of fun at a great price. I will visit again.

Another Great Show
Ron Cromer from Newberry,  SC
5:50 pm Wednesday, August 06 2014
I attended the performance on Wednesday night July 30. The entire show was outstanding. Every performer gave 100% and the audience certainly appreciated this talented group of artist. I have a difficult time determining the artist I enjoyed the most. When it gets to that point you know you have a "got it right" show. I must add that the dancers and backup singers contribute so much to the show. Most importantly I want to express my appreciation to all the nice ladies up front and the technicians behind the scene. They truly make all of us feel like family. And Dee, thank you for your continued dedication. You are a wonderful lady and we appreciate you so much. Ron Cromer

show review Sat. Aug 2nd
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
5:10 am Sunday, August 03 2014
Went to Memories Theatre tonight and the show was awesome as usual . The show started with Travis James as Conway , He sang several of Conway's most popular songs. then came Wendy T. as Dolly Parton, and she sang several of Dolly's songs with the dancers and the dancers were excellent ...The part I likes best was when she sang 9 to 5 and the dancers were all in costume of working girls. Next came the fabulous Steven Lee as Jackie Wilson and as usual he performed the tunes Jackie Wilson made famous..For those who do not know. Jackie Wilson was one of Elvis's favorite performers..and then.Marilyn Monroe came on stage with Beauty and comedy and the audience loved her immediately. .William Stiles took the stage. He performed Elvis's music with such detail to Elvis mannerisms and his voice , it was wonderful to watch..finally the Finally and everyone cheered. It was a very good show .

Facebook page
Dee Gallon from Pigeon forge,  TN
3:27 am Thursday, July 31 2014
We appreciate your posts and want to remind you that we have a Facebook page Memories Theatre " Elvis & Friends"...which has a lot of new videos and more information on it. You can post of either site but be sure to let us know what you think. Thank you.

Amazing, awesome, wonderful show!!!!!
Todd and Chrissie from Independence,  KY
8:36 pm Wednesday, July 23 2014
We were at Memories on Wed, July 16,2014. There's nothing we can say but out of this world show!!! We read a review that the band wasn't there anymore and it almost kept us from coming but so glad we decided to go on our last night in Pigeon Forge and it was truly the highlight of our vacation!!! The beautiful Samantha Chambliss as Marilyn had us rolling in laughter and Michael Chambliss as Elvis absolutely amazing!!!!! If there's anything you do while in Pigeon Forge, Memories Theatre Elvis and Friends is a must see!!!!!

Great Elvis Music
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
8:31 pm Wednesday, July 23 2014
Michael and Matt drives me crazy singing Elvis songs. Now when is Will in his Stile of Elvis coming back to Memories? I love them all....just can't help it....Thanks Dee for bringing them to my neck of the woods. June

Memories Show
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
10:54 pm Thursday, July 17 2014
I agree with June about Michael Chambliss.He is sensational.Bobby and I and two of our daughters and their husbands and our three grand daughters,who loves to come see the stars and dancers, were back at Memories last Thursday [July 10] and Saturday[July 12] to see the best 'Stars' and 'Dancers' who make Memories theatre have the best show in Pigeon Forge Tn. Thanks to Dee and all the employees who make Memories the best theatre. Laine & Bobby

Don't Miss It !!
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
6:22 am Tuesday, July 15 2014
Anyone visiting in the Pigeon Forge area must see the best show on the Park Way at Memories Theatre. I have seen it several times. Last Saturday night was really good, so much talent. I would have traveled across the state of Tennessee to see and hear in person Michael Chambliss sing "Hurt" and "How Great Thou Art". WOW!!! So Elvis......June

Memories of Elvis
Anita Ray from Walland,  TN
3:31 pm Tuesday, July 08 2014
Elvis was one great entertainer and his voice was so magnificent but very few people ever really got to know the real living , breathing side of Elvis. I only knew the good looking , man who sang so perfectly and wooed the world. TILL I MET DEE GALLON...Dee loves Elvis with a great respect for his talent and his voice...She introduced Elvis through her shows at MEMORIES THEATRE to all of us and then she brought CHARLIE HODGE TO US . AND CHARLIE would tell funny things Elvis did on stage and off. ( If you listen , you can hear Charlie laughing.)we all got to know the real Elvis..Eddie Miles started a trend of singing Elvis songs in a wonderful voice he had, Lou Vuto brought the beautiful voice, the moves and the funny side of Elvis to the stage.. Will Stiles not only sounds like Elvis he has the walk , the talk and the look of Elvis and can present Elvis music perfectly also the funny side so well, Michael Chambliss has the voice range that won Elvis so many Gospel awards and The ability to cause you to want to jump to your feet, He commands more standing ovations than anyone in the Theatre , Matt Cordell is the show business side of Elvis he owns the stage and the audience when he is on there. He is a very good entertainer and singer In my opinion. The three Elvis Tribute artist performing at MEMORIES THEATRE are 3 of the best enjoy the video , have some laughs, and remember the greatest Entertainer the "KING OF ROCK AND ROLL"

Best Memories EVER!! :)
Lynn Chappell from Huntsville,  AL
9:07 pm Tuesday, July 01 2014
June 24, 2014 was my 1st visit to Memories Theatre. I waited years until I could take my Mom. She is a HUGE Elvis fan and was suppose to see him in the early 1970's and didn't because of a family emergency. Thanks to Matt and Michael she got as close to seeing him as humanly possible. Those 2 men would make Elvis himself proud. They were wonderful. The rest of the show was also amazing. I loved it all, Tina Turner, Cher and especially Marilyn. Marilyn picked my hubby that night, Mitch, and sat in his lap and sang. Absolutely priceless. Thanks for that memory Samantha:) Will definitely go again.Thanks for the best night of my life, the show and watching my mom have the time of her life.

VIP tickets
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
3:21 am Thursday, June 26 2014
Dee, when will the VIP tickets be on sale again? The new show and all the stars and dancers are awesome!!! Thanks, Laine

Memories Continues To Kick It Up
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
12:51 am Monday, June 23 2014
Hi Everyone on my page. Needed up uplifting so I knew where to go. Sat June 21st. Great show, especially Matt Cordell, he is the one, so cute and so friendly. When I listened to my Elvis, Will Stiles sing gospel "Help Me" I had chills and tears. His voice is outstanding. Yall, this is where to go if you need to hear and see great entertainment from days gone by brought to us by young'uns of today. June of Knoxville

The Show
Laine & Bobby from Chapin,  SC
8:33 pm Thursday, June 19 2014
We were back at Memories again Thurs and Friday,June 12 & 13.Thanks to Dee, all the performers and all the employees for having the opportunity to enjoy two more nights of the best entertainment in Pigeon Forge.You all are the wonderful.We are planning to travel back to Pigeon Forge again next week to see Michael Chambliss perform his sensational tribute of Elvis. Laine & Bobby

Sat. Show June 14th
Rhonda Trent from Talbott,  TN
9:42 pm Sunday, June 15 2014
Dee, the new show is absolutely awesome! It is a great and amazing show! I truly enjoyed it. Everyone performing was amazing with the dancers, who are doing a fantastic job. All of the staff, sounds and lightings were great as well. Thank you again, for continuing to keep a great place to come and enjoy.....a great job by you!! Will be back soon!

Tonight's show, Saturday June 14
Geoff and Ann from Weymouth, England,  UK
2:39 am Sunday, June 15 2014
Just seen the show tonight ., and we thoroughly enjoyed it, want to say thanks for great entertainment.

Memories Theatre from Pigeon Forge,  TN
1:18 pm Friday, June 13 2014
Our Facebook page, Memories Theatre "Elvis & Friends" is picking up speed so be sure to check it out and 'like' us. We are boosting our activity of new acts, etc., all the time and we're reaching thousands of people....This new show is amazing...please come see us and feel free to continue to comment.

Charlie Hodge's Book
June Massengille from Knoxville,  TN
5:40 am Wednesday, June 11 2014
Writing for Memories Theatre of which I have visited many times. I suggest all of you who have visited Memories in the last month and loved the show so much, especially all of you who loved Elvis, go to the gift shop and buy Charlie Hodge's book "Me N' Elvis". This book will make you feel like you are hearing Elvis talk about everyday things. It will make you realize why we all loved him so much. He loved to make people happy with his music. Charlie and he were close friends for 17 years. He lived at Graceland and traveled with him a lot or kept in touch with him to help him anyway he could. Charlie had the inside scope on our boy for us who grew up with him. You will love this book and won't want to put it down. You will feel close to Elvis even after all these years and you will see why we had no trouble to "Love Him Tender". Thanks for reading my suggestion and to Memories Theatre for carrying the book. June Massengille, Knoxville

The Best Show Ever
Olivia Marcum from Rose Hill,  VA
4:01 pm Monday, June 09 2014
Where do I start? This show was incredible! Everyone was so entertaining and so personable and friendly!!! I can't wait to go back many times over and am working on some dates as of right now and bringing some of my friends! I am a huge Elvis fan and Michael Chambliss represented him so well, his singing was unbelievable and to have never had the fortunate opportunity to meet Elvis I feel as if this made my dream come true! The excitement I had was unexplainable and just unreal. I can't wait to go back! Best show in town! or in fact Best show ever! All the staff on stage, out front and behind the scenes made it a once in a lifetime wonderful experience!

The Awesome Show
Laine and Bobby from Chapin,  SC
6:48 am Friday, June 06 2014
We were at Memories, Tuesday June 3rd and Thursday June 5th..We were amazed both nights at all the talented singers and dancers who works very hard to have the best show in Pigeon Forge. Willie Nelson was great. He sounds just like 'Willie'. We absolutely love his guitar playing too.. Cher is beautiful, her voice is great and with her gorgeous costumes, it seems as if the 'real' Cher is on stage.Steven Lee and Cher's duet is wonderful.The handsome Matt Cordell as Jason Aldean is amazing.He sounds and acts so much like the 'real' Jason Aldean. The beautiful Marilyn Monroe starts the second half of the show.She is really talented and funny.She seems to always pick the right gentleman from the audience,who helps keep everyone laughing at her antics.Then the very handsome,sensational Michael Chambliss as Elvis takes the stage and has everyone in awe.Michael looks so much like Elvis'.His voice is amazing and sounds as if its really Elvis at Memories.He is very good interacting with the audience too.So many times when Michael is singing it brings tears to my eyes because its as if Elvis is really 'in the building'. The two handsome guys and the four beautiful ladies who sings backup and dances with all the stars are wonderful and add their special talents to the whole show. Thank you to the beautiful Dee and all her employees who work very hard and are so nice and helpful to everyone who enters the Memories Theatre.Thank you to everyone for all the nights of the best entertainment in Pigeon Forge. We have been coming to Memories since Dee opened her beautiful theatre.We have never been disappointed with any of the shows we have seen there. Laine and Bobby

I love memories
victoria ashby from Lexington,  KY
8:57 pm Wednesday, June 04 2014
We where there April 1st. I must say I can not wait to go back ... Me and my family have watch the show on the DVD we bought that night and I can't get enough of it.... The back up dancers are great .. The performers are awesome... Its a great place to take yr entire family.... We have already made a reservation for our next visit

May 31, 2014 Show
Malinda Rainwater from Salt Lick,  KY
3:16 am Tuesday, June 03 2014
Hello, we attended your show on May 31st and I would like to say that when we reserved our tickets earlier in the week, Tuesday I believe, we specifically asked if Matt Cordell would be doing his Jason Aldean performance and was told yes. We drove four hours to TN from Salt Lick, KY and there was six of us. We were all very disappointed when No Jason Aldean came out on stage. I believe we should have been told that he would not be doing his performance as this was the main reason we came. We spent a lot of money on the tickets, gas and motel room to come there and your theatre was the only reason we drove down. We had planned this trip for our mothers for Mother's Day. I realize things happen but it would have been nice to have been contacted and told of any show changes made. We definitely would have waited and made the trip at another time when Jason Aldean (Matt) was going to be performing. It was a huge disappointment to us all and my family accused me of lying about him being there which I was not happy about. Your shows are always good, however, when you reserve tickets expecting something it is very disappointing to not see it. We also would like to say we really miss the live band that was part of the show, this show was missing so much and it seemed so much attention was put on the dancers that it took away from the performers. Also the layout of the stage is not as nice. Our seats were wonderful when we were told we would have front row, however, with the new layout we spent most of our time with our necks turned watching the backside especially of Elvis. We have been to your theatre many times over the years and I guess the main point I am making is we were all very sadden with this experience. It was a huge disappointment for us. Thank you for listening to my concerns. We would like to say that the guy that done Conway is a wonderful performer. He went out of his way to speak to people and made them feel very welcome and appreciated. This should be something that is passed to the other performers to do. We as an audience don't expect much, but when a performer personally comes up and makes small talk or just shakes your hand and says thank you for coming. It truly means a lot.

Joanie Burns from Sevierville,  TN
8:53 pm Saturday, May 31 2014
Was at show last night. It was an awesome show. Especially Cher and Jason Aldean! We are locals so we will be back soon!

New Show
Jean Shirey from Rome,  GA
3:19 pm Saturday, May 31 2014
we've been coming to Memories for years but we won't be back. We've been twice this year and we did not like the changes at all. We enjoyed the music. When we want dancing and all that, we go to Country Tonite. We liked Memories because it was different.

loved your show
Paul & Diane Klarkowski from Oconomowoc,  WI
1:38 am Friday, May 30 2014
We attended your show Tuesday, May was awesome. Cher's costume was gorgeous! Marilyn was so cute..Kenny Rogers did a good job...Jason was outstanding and William Stiles as Elvis was just fantastic!!! If we ever get down there again, we will definitely go to another of your shows!!!